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Rich’s “Healthy Fit Boot Camp” is the exercise and fitness solution I have been looking for!  I can walk or bike to class.  I am outside in the peaceful park.  There are NO “gym rats”.

Rich provides a variety of exercises and drills to ensure a total body workout, and always demonstrates the proper way to do each move, while also explaining which muscle group will be working and encouraging us to do our best.  He also take into consideration the different fitness levels and accommodations each person may need, providing an alternate exercise when needed.

Thanks to Rich’s “Healthy Fit Boot Camp”, his encouragement and varied instruction I am enjoying improving my health and meeting my fitness goals in a supportive environment, while also enjoying the beauty of one of our parks and, in the Redbridge spirit, meeting my neighbors.


Kristin D. Haut


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Rich Rodriguez, CFT

email: rich@healthyfitbootcamp.com

phone: (925)586-7473

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To whom it may concern:


Please let this letter serve as a personal testament to the Healthy Fit Boot Camp services provided by Rich Rodriguez.

I found his classes to be physically demanding, mentally challenging, and most importantly, fun.

Rich's coaching style was also a good mixture of professional training mixed with discipline, and friendship.

I would heartily recommend Rich’s classes to anyone looking for a physical fitness regiment, regardless of their age or experience level. I look forward to round two!


James Lira

Tracy, CA

My name is Claudia and I am a mother of twin girls that are 13 and a son 2 years of age.  I own a sales management company and I have a little catering business.

I have about 45 lbs I have been trying to work off before and after my son was born however,  I am so busy with the kids sports and social calender as well as the traveling for my work,  not to mention my passion to eat great food I just could not do it!  I knew I needed to start working out to get me focused but was just to busy and tired everyday to start.

 I have however bought every video workout and diet on the TV you could imagine thinking "this will do it" and because it is solely "up to me" it never got done, I never stuck to any of them therefore I have still not lost my weight!

One day, my best friend Laura called me and told me she found a flyer at her mailbox about this bootcamp thing that was being offered in the community where she lived.  It was for 5 weeks, 3 times per week, Mon, Wed and Thurs.  Of course I said yes!  I am down to the wire  because we are taking a vacation to Italy and Greece this summer and I DO NOT want to feel this way while I am there!  I then I realized I have business trips planned during this time and I would have to miss some classes. This would normally stop me from starting a class but I made the time and planned my schedule around the bootcamp classes, it was time for ME!

The first Monday of the class I must say, I was soo exhausted from being on the go go go all day.  However because I invested in this and I HAD to go, plus Laura and I made a commitment to succeed this time together so WE went.  When we arrived there where about 10 of us total, all women and 1 man, poor guy LOL.  We actually knew another friend in the class which made it even more fun.

Richard, our Trainer, is a very professional take no excuses from his class kind of guy!!  He realizes we are here looking to him for his knowledge of fitness, willpower to keep us going and to get us in shape!  He makes this torture, and I say that lovingly, really fun!!  Exercising is not fun, cardio is not fun but he does a great job of showing us that WE CAN run 5 minutes around the park, WE CAN do this crab walk squat thing for a minute solid, WE CAN accomplish our goals and HAVE FUN doing it.

Since I have been in the bootcamp with Richard, I have lost 2 inches in my thighs, 1 inch everywhere else and we have only been doing this for 3 weeks!  He has motivated me to stay on track while I travel by sending me emails saying "while you are in your hotel do these 5 exercises 20 reps".


Because I feel strong physically I am motivated to eat healthier, walk after dinner instead of sit on the couch and I am actually doing one of those videos I bought on my off days, as well as I will be working with Richard on a one and one basis to reach my goals and stay fit for good!

I must say, I have to thank Richard for getting me back on track!  If you are still "thinking about it" and if you don't have the time for it, just make the time Healthy Fit Boot Camp is worth your time and money!!!!

Claudia Nicolaou

Tracy, California

I am very happy that I joined boot camp.  Rich does a great job of motivating everyone and working with different fitness levels.  It has been great to meet some new neighbors and work on our goals together.  I am looking forward to doing boot camp throughout the summer.  I love the convenience of having fitness training here in Redbridge!

-Kelly S.

Hi Rich,

I would like to thank you for offering your Boot Camp class so close to my home - it is convenient since I have four children and do not get much free time at this stage to pursue things that are important to me and important FOR me, that having your class within walking distance definitely made it very easy. 

While deciding whether or not to make the commitment to sign up for your class -  I went through all my reasons why I couldn't do it and after speaking to you on the phone you made me feel very confident that despite the fact that I have not exercised in about 4 years and just giving birth to my 4th child who is now 7 months old that I would not have any problem keeping up and that everyone would be working to their own abilities - and you were absolutely correct. 


Your Boot Camp has been very challenging and fun for me - I really enjoy exercising outdoors and with other people with the same goals.  Like I said before I have not exercised in 4 years and was very apprehensive to put myself out there and make the commitment, but I am really glad that I did, I am having fun and I have more energy and it is just the kick start I needed to keep on exercising!  My results have been more than I ever expected, my attitude has improved from "I'm not sure I can" to "Why Not, let's give it a try" - I still have allot of work to do but your class has jump started my mind and body! 

Rich, your a very motivating, positive and approachable person and that makes it easy to show up for class!  I look forward to taking your next class here in the neighborhood and hope that the Red bridge Association allows you to continue your Boot Camp for as long as you wish!

Thank you again for bringing your Boot Camp to our neighborhood!!!


Remember SMILES are Contagious!

Laura L. Tsirelas

Hi Rich,

I would like to share a few of my thoughts since joining Healthy Fit Boot Camp.

I don't believe my "story" is much different from many of us who are stuck in a rut.  We go to work, come home, take care of family and friends, and if lucky,delegate some time to work out.

I decided to give myself a gift and join Healthy Fit Boot Camp. It sounded ideal as it is held at the park on Hutton and Kaden.

I have attended 6 sessions to date, and have lost 4 lbs. The weight loss is not the driving factor for me.  I am stronger, able to run and exercise at a higher pace then I did initially. 

Rich Rodriguez is a professional, highly competent fitness trainer.  He has an amazing positive outlook as well as being highly motivating. I have trained with others and would place Mr. Rodriguez at the top of his profession.

I have met some great Redbridge neighbors at Boot Camp and we all agree that we would love to continue this course in the summer. In fact my daughter just returned home from college and started Healthy Fit Boot Camp.

Mr. Rodriguez is aware that the park is utilized by many Redbridge owners and keeps the camp primarily to one area.

I have noticed that the park seems to be utilized more during our sessions.  In one evening, there was a father with his son playing ball, two dog walkers, and a mother sitting on a bench with her child, as well as Healthy Fit Boot Camp!

It seems evident that the park is being utilized as the developers had envisioned.

In closing, I am looking forward to becoming healthier along with many of my Redbridge neighbors! This is all due to Healthy Fit Boot Camp.


Kelly Kagehiro

Tracy CA. 95377

Wow, what a workout!

I have done a few local boot camps in the past couple of years and I must say that Healthy Fit Boot Camp is a GREAT workout! Rich does an amazing job of keeping you moving and pushing you to strive for better. I love that it is in our own neighborhood and the hours work out perfectly to squeeze in a workout after my day job. His ability to get the boot campers to want to come back each day is amazing because in all of the boot camps I have done there is always fallout over the weeks after week 1.

Thank you Rich for bringing the boot camp to Redbridge and for doing such a great job!

-Stacey Vigil

Healthy Fit Bootcamp is the best investment I have made. A year ago I started working out again on my own, but in June a friend of mine told me about Healthy Fit.

I was very apprehensive, however three sessions later and I’m still here.  Rich is an amazing trainer he keeps it exciting, never boring, and always challenging.  Since starting in June not only have I had success with the tape measure and scale, I am stronger and healthier than I have been in a long time.

This is the best gift I could give to myself.

Kim Turner

I am going on my third month  of consistent FUN exercise. I am attributing this achievement to Richard Rodriguez's Healthy Fit Boot-camp.  After years of yo-yo dieting and erratic exercising,  this is quite the accomplishment.  I really enjoy and look forward to Mon., Wed. and Thurs. evenings at the Estates Park in Redbridge. 

Though I am still occasionally sore,  I finally think I have found a great program that incorporates fitness into my life.  I am never bored because I don't think Rich has ever done the same circuit of weights, core, or cardio in the three months of attending. It's great getting to know neighbors and we really are a great support to one another. 

Rich is positive and always pays attention to maintaining proper form. He also modifies the exercise for anyone experiencing a strained injured area. I really notice how much more energetic I am. I also feel much stronger when I need to lift a heavy object. I have lost a lot of inches and I feel less Flabby...I am encouraging my friends to join....Thanks Rich! 

Charlene Pulliam

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I wanted to thank you soooo much for all your patience and hard work with me and the other girls.  You made "Booty" Camp (as my girls call it)

so much fun. It was a lot of hard work but boy did I feel such a sense of accomplishment every time I walked out of there! You're amazing!!!!

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again!

Your grateful student,


Healthy Fit Boot Camp is more than just an exercise program, it is a new way of life for me. Back in April ’10 I started looking for boot camps to help me break the plateau I had hit after my 65 lbs weight loss. I found yours on the web and honestly the pictures of the people in your classes where what sold me. They weren't body builders or military type folks, they were average everyday people like me out there in the open air working towards their own personal goals. 


I began taking class in May ’10 and what I found right from the beginning in your classes was the dedication you have for each and everyone of your students - it was amazing, you made working out fun! You go that extra mile to give us not only the exercises, but you also give us suggestions on new ways to approach our daily food choices.  You are always there with encouragement whether it be in person, on email or on our Facebook posts. I know in my heart that you genuinely care about helping us find a healthy way to live. You certainly have helped me on my journey to live a better life, and the results have shown it. Since I started with Healthy Fit Boot Camp I have lost at least 25 inches and 25 lbs, but the best part of it is that I know my life will be forever changed because of you and your dedication to all of us!

Thank you so much Rich for everything you do I am a Healthy Fit Boot Camper for life!

Dena Carver

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I started Healthy Fit Boot Camp a year ago, and I have loved every minute of it! I was looking for something that would challenge me and push me to do things I thought I couldn’t do, and Healthy Fit has done that! I also needed something that fit into my schedule and with 4 class times to choose from made it so easy for me. Things really started to change for me when I combined my exercise and nutrition efforts. At first I was just going to boot camp 3 days a week and not really being good about what I was eating. I wasn’t really going anywhere as far as the scale was concerned! I wasn’t gaining weight, but I definitely wasn’t losing weight! Things really got kicked into high gear for me when I decided to eat clean and healthy and cut the “bad” things out of my diet! Once I did that, the weight started falling off! In the last four months I have lost 30 lbs, significantly decreased my body fat percentage, and increased my lean muscle mass. Rich isn’t lying when he says your diet accounts for 80% of your weight loss. You can work out all you want, but when you’re not eating healthy you’re just hurting yourself!

I could not have achieved my goals without Rich and his support! He truly cares about every single one of his ‘Bootcampers’ and wants to see everyone succeed and meet their goals! He makes everyone feel comfortable and important when they come in to class. I have tried other Boot Camps and none of them compare to Healthy Fit! I have been doing it for a year now, and the work outs are always different and I never feel bored – which is huge when working out! I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life. I feel healthy and fit and strong! I am so glad that I started going to Healthy Fit Boot Camp, it has changed my life! Thank You Rich for all that you do, you are truly an inspiration to so many! 

-Amy DiGiulio

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Rich’s classes

have been for me. Just a little over 2 years ago I booked marked

Healthy Fit Boot Camp on my Computer and kept telling myself I was

going to join. And, like a lot of people, I kept putting it to the

side. I gained a lot of weight due to depression after losing my

dad, losing my job that I loved and had for almost for 20 years, lost

our home, and my husband lost his job.

I finally said I'm going to join and I wish I could have started 2 years

ago, as it probably could have relieved all that stuff I had going on.

It’s awesome! His class relieves stress, he motivates you, he gives you

a meal plans weekly and answers any questions you have for him. He

also gives you exercises on your off days and he has a make-up class

once a month to get an extra workout in. He also has a

community web site where you can talk with him or other boot campers to get motivation. The people in the classes are motivational too.

I just want to say I'm going on my third month and I’ve lost 7-8 lbs each month. The inches are falling off too and muscles are growing. It's awesome! I get so excited cause I'm seeing the results of the hard work I put into this, and Rich is a great and awesome coach as well. It's paying off!

Thank you so much Rich, you’re Tracy's Best Coach and I look forward to reaching my goals.

Your boot-camper,

Donna Borie. :)  :)  :)

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About a year ago, I decided that I was going to join a boot camp. I needed something to mix up the ho-hum of everyday, something to help me relieve stress and that I could do for ME. As a mom of a very "busy" 2 year old, I was feeling a little lost in myself and sometimes overwhelmed. Healthy Fit turned out to be EXACTLY what I was looking for and then some!

My sister-in-law had been going to Healthy Fit for quite some time and always had nothing but great things to say. I looked up the website and started reading testimonials from other boot campers. Every one was different but every one had the same basic message...Healthy Fit is AWESOME! To top it off the class schedule worked perfect with my schedule, it was meant to be! I knew I was going to sign up immediately, I just had to try it out for myself and I'm SO glad I did! It's been a year now and couldn't imagine NOT having Healthy Fit it as part of my week.

Rich's program is challenging and gratifying and every single one of those testimonials I read and put my faith in to be true ARE true plus so much more! Who knew working out could actually be fun? I sure didn't...I'm now able to do things I never thought possible, I see positive changes in my body and I feel better than I've ever felt! Rich is a wonderful trainer. He's motivational, professional and makes everything so fun it doesn't feel like "work". He's dedicated to helping each one of his boot campers reach their goals and make the most out of every work out. Class is different every time and never boring! 


I can't thank you enough Rich, for all the support you've shown me, for pushing me towards goals I never thought I'd reach and for all around showing me what I'm made of! 


- Ashley Medina